RCMH Student Card


The RCMH Student Card is a game-changer for students, priced at just INR 199. Members unlock a world of advantages, including unlimited discounts on billing at over 250+ brands and restaurants, alongside scholarships for professional courses and food ordering benefits. What sets this card apart is that it offers all the perks of a credit…



Introducing the RCMH Student Card – Your Passport to Exclusive Benefits!

The RCMH Student Card is not your ordinary card; it’s your gateway to a world of unmatched privileges. Designed with students in mind, this card elevates your shopping, dining, and educational experiences to a whole new level.

Shop Smart:
Enjoy unbeatable discounts ranging from 2% to a whopping 20% on your final bills when you use your RCMH Student Card. Whether you’re indulging in a shopping spree or just picking up everyday essentials, this card has you covered.

Dine for Less:
Savor delectable meals at your favorite restaurants or order food from the comfort of your home, all while benefiting from fantastic discounts offered exclusively to cardholders.

Unlock Your Potential:
If you’re pursuing professional courses, we’ve got you covered. The RCMH Student Card opens doors to scholarships from renowned educational platforms like BYJU and Physics Wallah, ensuring you can pursue your dreams without financial worries.

No Strings Attached:
Unlike traditional credit cards, the RCMH Student Card offers all these benefits without the stress of credit payback. There’s no need to worry about credit scores or complex financial obligations.

Early Bird Offer:
The cherry on top? Grab your RCMH Student Card at an incredible early bird discount – just INR 199. Don’t miss your chance to unlock a world of exclusive advantages!

Discover a world of discounts, scholarship opportunities, and convenience with the RCMH Student Card. Apply today and redefine your student life!


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